Module 4b | Skills for Responding: Listen, Believe, Support

(Faculty, Staff & Administrator version)

screenshot of wellness and self care resources for staff

Module 4b provides faculty, staff, and administrators with information on how to support a survivor of sexual violence. In the section “Skills for Responding: Listen, Believe, Support,” you will want to include information about wellness and self-care resources for faculty, staff, and administrators.

Examples of wellness and self-care resources you can include:

  • Mental health supports and services,  e.g., Employee and Family Assistance Plan, wellness programs
  • Information about on-campus support (debriefing or consultation) following a disclosure, e.g., through human resources or a sexual violence resource office
  • Information about self-care, e.g., “What is self-care and how do I do it?”
  • Workplace/employee training on topics such as preventing vicarious trauma or recognizing burnout
  • Resources recommended by faculty, staff, administrators and students that work with survivors of sexual violence and/or provide training and support related to disclosures and reporting
  • Apps and online resources

Self-care/wellness is a broad topic and it is not possible to provide a comprehensive list and such a list, if possible, would likely be overwhelming for learners. The intention of this section is to role-model the importance of self-care and to provide information about different types of self-care and the range of resources that they might wish to explore or find helpful.


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