Getting a Copy of the Course to Edit

  • Request a copy of the Rise course by completing the form on the webpage: Safer Campuses for Everyone. Please note that copies are shared directly through Articulate Rise so please ensure you use the email address that the Rise account is associated with.
  • You will receive an email from Articulate that the course has been shared with your account.
  • Once you have a copy of the course, you can log in to make edits.
  • To edit the course, log into Articulate Rise 360.
  • Click on the Rise 360 button.
  • Click on the course you want to edit.
  • Click on the ‘Edit Content’ button for the area(s) to be edited.
  • Navigate to the area you want to edit.
  • Click on the ‘Edit Content’ button for the area(s) to be edited.
  • Navigate to the area you want to edit.

    NOTE: There are a few ways to recover accidentally deleted content:

    • If you’ve accidentally deleted some text or a table in your block, you can use CTRL+Z (or CMD+Z) to undo the action.
    • If you delete a lesson or a block, you’ll see an Undo button for a few seconds at the bottom left of your screen. Once the undo button is gone, there is no way to undo/recover the deleted block. The lesson/block will need to be re-created.
  • If it’s a text edit, click on the areas you want to edit and then type.
  • If it’s an image you want to replace, hover over the image, then click on the edit button on the left side.
  • screenshot of image edit button
  • Click on edit once the side panel open – you will have the option to upload your own image, or search from Articulate’s library.
  • screenshot of the side panel

To update the logo or the course banner:

  • Return to the main course page (if you are in one of the lessons).
  • screenshot of the return button
  • Then click on settings on the upper right corner area.
  • Click on upload logo and upload your logo.

To update an existing cover photo:

  • Click the trash can icon to delete the existing cover photo.
  • Then upload your own or use one from Articulate’s gallery.

To update colour/font of the course:

  • Click on the Customize Theme button
  • You can select pre-defined colours or select your own.
  • Select a different font for header/text by changing the font style dropdown list.

screenshot of option for adding cover photo

NOTE: There is no “undo’ button. All edits done are saved in real time.

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