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Version Date Change
1.0 March 7, 2019 Guide added to the B.C. Open Textbook Collection
1.01 May 8, 2019 Add Appendix 8: Working Groups in B.C.
1.02 June 29, 2019 Changed from Open Textbook theme to Clarke theme.
1.03 October 1, 2019 ISBNs added: Print and eBook
1.04 November 17, 2020 New section added: Kanban and Project Management.
1.05 November 24, 2020 Added “20 Questions to Ask about Open Education” PDFs and link to searchable OE Strategy Database to Create an Inventory of Open chapter.
1.06 September 15, 2022 Updated broken links throughout the book.
1.07 October 31, 2023 Updated cover image


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