Run a Working Group

17 Conclusion

After considering aspects of running an open working group, go through the checklist below to think about some ways that your open working group can support and advocate for open education in your institution.

Checklist: Running an Open Working Group

  • Create a list of stakeholders that you can engage with on open education at your institution.
  • List specific ways that policies at your institution support or don’t support open education. Consider some of the following documents:
    • the strategic plan and vision
    • tenure promotion documents
    • collective agreements
  • Develop a plan for openly licensing and sharing the resources that you create within the open working group. How will you license, share, and make these resources accessible?
  • Work together to design an open education workshop.
  • List individuals and roles that you would like to celebrate and highlight at your institution.
  • Make a list of resources that your institution currently has that support open education. Then go through the examples of open resources at different institutions. Look for gaps. What resources can your group develop or adapt to support open at your institution?


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