Establish a Working Group

1 Introduction

Learning Objectives

In this section, we will look at how to establish a working group. This information can help you establish a new open working group, formalizeĀ a current one, or refresh/restart one that has been struggling. We look at ways open working groups have been established in British Columbia and at some of the research about working groups and communities of practice.

This section will help you:

  • Compare different community frameworks for establishing an open working group.
  • Develop best practices for forming an open working group.
  • Discover strategies for determining the purposes and goals of the open working group.
  • Identify ways of establishing an inventory of open education and open educational resources at your institution.
  • Identify funding sources for open working groups and projects.
  • Identify resources and supports for open education at your institution.
  • Learn how project management might assist a working group with its tasks.


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