Establish a Working Group

9 Conclusion

Now that you have completed this section, go through the checklist below to guide you through the process of establishing a new open working group or use it to revisit how your current open working group is set up.

Checklist: Establish an Open Working Group

  • Establish a framework/approach for your open working group.
  • Consider the fit for your institution. What sort of group can be the most effective? Formal or informal?
  • Determine who are the open advocates or supporters at your institution and ways of engaging them in the open working group.
  • List the relevant stakeholders and how you will engage them.
  • Establish the open working group’s goals and purpose.
  • Find ways that open education links with your institution’s strategic plan or vision.
  • Identify potential funding options for open education at your institution.
  • Find resources and support for open education.


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