Hair Colour for Hairstylists: Level 2

Hair colouring is one aspect of hairdressing that is ever-evolving due to constantly changing trends. A true colourist can confidently pull from the basics and adapt to new techniques and the needs of  industry.

This manual serves as a guide for apprentices who desire to stretch beyond their foundational colour knowledge and skills so as to reach a higher level of competency. This text will walk the stylist step-by-step through many current and advanced techniques used in the industry today.

Whether you have completed a Hairstylist Foundations program, Apprenticeship program, or are currently enrolled in Hairstylist Level 2 or equivalent, this resource will be valuable to you.

Topics covered in this resource include:

  • How to perform a thorough colour consultation, which revisits and builds upon the basics of trichology and colour theory.
  • How to select, formulate, and apply various non-oxidative and oxidative colouring products and lighteners, based on a thorough consultation and advanced hair analysis.
  • How to extend beyond basic colour placements to create truly customized colouring and foiling outcomes.
  • How to select and perform an advanced hair painting service.
  • How to sequence and perform an advanced colour correction service.


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