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Food Service Positions and Job Titles

  • Full listing of job titles in the traditional brigade:

Training and Certification

  • Canadian Culinary Federation website:
  • Certified Chef de Cuisine:
  • Certified Master Chef:
  • emerit’s website:
  • go2HR Tourism, Hospitality, and Foodservice Apprenticeships page:
  • International Sommelier Guild:
  • ITA website:
  • Red Seal website:
  • Wine and Spirits Education Trust:

Introduction to Employment Standards for B.C. Food Service Workers

  • Employment Standards Act:
  • Guide to the Employment Standards Act:

About the Employment Standards Act

  • B.C. Human Rights Code:
  • Canadian Human Rights Act:
  • Employment Standards Regulations:
  • Labour Relations Code:
  • Workers Compensation Act:

Wages and Wage Statements

  • Family Maintenance Enforcement Act:

Working Conditions

  • T-4:

The B.C. Human Rights Code

  • British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal:
  • Full Service:
  • WorkSafeBC:

Conflict Resolution

  • TripAdvisor:
  • Yelp:

Job Search Skills

  • B.C. government’s MyHR website:
  • go2HR:
  • Hcareers:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Workopolis:
  • WorkBC website:

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