Organization and Self-Management

18 Introduction

Learning Objectives

  • Describe stress management techniques
  • Demonstrate the basic principles of organization and time management
  • Describe conflict resolution techniques
  • Describe effective problem solving and decision making

Food service and hospitality businesses can be stressful places to work. The pressure of producing high-quality meals in short periods of time can cause stress. Stress management techniques allow you to manage this stress. Part of managing stress is having an enjoyable job. An enjoyable job is one that fits into your personal goals. To feel in control of your life, you must be able to set personal goals and work toward them. For most people, work is an integral part of personal goals. In order to realize these goals, you must be able to conduct a job search, prepare resumés and cover letters, and participate in job interviews.

The success of food service and hospitality businesses depends on how effectively the entire staff of an operation can cooperate to create a well-prepared meal served in pleasant surroundings. The staff must work together as a team. A team does not just happen. It is created through the actions of supervisors who select the right staff, motivate them to do their best, build a sense of pride and common purpose, and resolve problems and conflicts that arise.



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