Personal Attributes and Professionalism

2 Industry Expectations

The hospitality and food service industry has a longstanding tradition of quality of service and dedication to putting customer needs first. Though extremely diverse, the industry has an expectation of workers to be professional, productive, respectful, and responsive to customer needs. No matter which style of operation you are working in, it is important to remember why you chose this career path in the first place and always to respect your job and the other people you work with. The main attributes that will make you successful are commitment, dedication, and passion for what you do.

Additionally, people working in the industry often collaborate outside of their workplaces to drive the industry forward by joining and participating in local or national trade and professional associations, local food movements and events, and other activities that maintain a strong presence and voice in the community for the industry. By joining the food service industry, you should realize that your work is more than a job — some would describe it as a lifestyle — and being supportive of all the aspects of industry mentioned above will only enhance your experience.

The hospitality industry is also very connected through social media and other channels, and therefore as someone working in the trade, you are expected to be respectful of your peers, and when you are out on your own time, to treat your colleagues as you would like your customers to treat you.



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