Chapter 7: FLO MicroCourses

FLO MicroCourse Peer Feedback Rubric

FLO MicroCourse Peer Feedback Rubric
Criterion Sophisticated Competent Marginal
Is descriptive Focuses on observation Includes observation, and also inferences Gives broad statements that could apply to any project
Is specific The feedback refers to actual elements in the project Refers to the project, but it is unclear which elements align with the feedback Does not refer to elements of the project in feedback, indicating that the project has not been thoroughly reviewed
Is respectful Acknowledges strengths and/or potential Offers advice without pointing out promising elements Emphasizes inadequacies
Is useful Offers rationale on critique, and perhaps suggestions Identifies areas for improvement but could do more to elaborate on why Does not elaborate beyond a judgment of work (e.g. I like your idea)
Engages Invites further dialogue using an inquisitive tone that demonstrates genuine interest Asks questions in an effort to prompt further discussion Does not elaborate beyond statements about project
Is realistic Considers both the scope of the project and expected skill level of the learner Demonstrates an understanding of the work involved Provides suggestions that would not necessarily be feasible to undertake


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