Chapter 3: Facilitating FLO

Tools to Support Co-Facilitation

This guide includes sample task lists for co-facilitators to use for their planning, facilitation, and post-course activities. Collaborative online workspaces obviously make this job easier! Here are some examples of tools co-facilitators have used to manage their tasks.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a popular choice for managing co-facilitation tasks. Make sure you adjust your settings to be notified of new comments and make checking the page part of your daily schedule.

A sample task list organized in Google Docs
Figure 3.5

Meister Task

Ross McKerlich and Andy Sellwood, facilitators for FLO Fundamentals, are experimenting with an online project management tool called MeisterTask. The screenshot below gives an idea of how the tasks are organized, and some of the useful functionality. Reports so far are that it’s working well!

A task list in MeisterTask with tasks divided into open, in progress, and done columns
Figure 3.6


John McLeod and Keith Webster at Royal Roads University used Trello to manage their task list items for FLO Fundamentals.

A sample task list in Trello with tasks divided up by week
Figure 3.7


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