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Last update: Sept 11/19

Access codes/assessment platforms

Also see Homework systems on this page.

Access code costs continue to burden students – October 11, 2018 (BCcampus)


Trans-inclusive design – May 9, 2019 (Stephen Downes)


2019 Cascadia Open Education Summit Summary – May 10, 2019 (CCCOER, Dale Coleman)

Beyond Textbooks and OER: reflecting on #OpenEd15 – November 23, 2015 (The Chronicle of Higher Education)


The authoritative Canadian copyright review: Industry committee issues balanced, forward-looking report on the future of Canadian Copyright Law – June 3, 2019 (Michael Geist)

What do trade agreements have to do with copyright? The Canada-US-Mexico Agreement and fair dealing – February 25, 2019 (SFU Library, Jennifer Zerkee)

From copyright term to Super Bowl commercials: Breaking down the digital NAFTA deal – October 1, 2018 (Michael Geist)


Opinion: We need to rethink student loans across this country – August 31, 2019 (National Post)

Diversity, equity, inclusion

Why open must be feminist – July 11, 2019 (Rebus Blog)

‘Open’ and ‘Inclusive’: what the heck are they? – July 3, 2019 (Medium)


Whence the virtue of open – June 19, 2019 (Stephen Downes)

2019 Cascadia Open Education Summit wrap-up: 5 questions with the team – June 5, 2019 (Campus Manitoba)

What can open learn from blended learning initiatives? – March 14, 2019 (

Beyond textbooks and OER: Reflecting on #OpenEd15 – November 23, 2015 (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Homework systems

BCcampus homework system project (Clint Lalonde, EdTech Factotum):

  1. Early thoughts on my new homework systems project – July 17, 2019
  2. What is a homework system – July 18, 2019
  3. Spitballing a definition of open homework systems – July 19, 2019
  4. Some strategies for the open homework systems project – September 6, 2019


The realities of journal publishing: A view from Canada’s not-for-profits – May 28, 2019 (University Affairs)


Voodoo categorisation and dynamic ontologies in the world of OER – April 29, 2019 (MoodleNet)

Licences and subscriptions

Why does it cost millions to access publicly funded research papers? Blame the paywall – March 9, 2019 (CBC, Second Opinion)

Not a free for all: Canadian university libraries spending hundreds of millions on licensing – Sept 8/16 (Michael Geist)

Open educational practices (OEP)/pedagogy

How are we creating a safe space for open pedagogy? – May 30, 2019 (McToonish)

5 Things Alan Davis Wants you to Know About Open Learning – Fall 2018 (eCampusOntario)

Does open pedagogy require OER? – February 4, 2017 (
Engaging students with OER – June 13, 2015 (Christina Hendricks)

Open educational resources (OER)

Initiation – July 2019 (the Guild – Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship)

How open educational resources fit within the future of education – May 16, 2019 (Campus Manitoba)

From idea to book: A Q&A on Manitoba’s next OER – April 23, 2019 (Campus Manitoba)

10 things to know about open education in Manitoba – March 8, 2019 (Campus Manitoba)


Publishing as an act, not an industry – November 18, 2018 (Zoe Wake Hyde)


Freedom of access versus maintenance of quality – April 5, 2019 (The Manitoban)

What is academic quality? – March 28, 2017 (Harvey P. Weingarten)


Also see Libraries/librarians on this page.

Student societies/activities

#TextbookBroke promotes open-access but ignores copyright issues – January 8, 2019 (Hamilton Spectator)
Letter to the Editor: Last week’s column on the high cost of textbooks – September 4, 2018 (The Crow’s Nest)


Academic review promotion and tenure documents promote a view of open access that is at odds with the wider academic community – July 17, 2019 (LSE Impact Blog)

Textbook costs

SFU’s “Sharing of Textbook PDFs Fact Sheet” fails to consider students’ constraints – May 25, 2019 (The Peak)

Open textbooks vs. digital textbooks: How to make higher education more accessible in Manitoba – January 22, 2019 (Campus Manitoba)

Finance Committee recommends investment in open education resources to improve affordability of post-secondary – November 16, 2018 (BCFS)

To combat soaring textbook costs, look to an open-source approach – January 2, 2018 (Rajiv Jhangiani, The Globe and Mail/Opinion)

Tuition fees

OPINION:  Let universities get back to academic work – September 9, 2019 (The Chronicle Herald)


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