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Can a health-insurance model bring ‘equitable access’ to the textbook market? – June 18, 2019 (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

When is open too open? – Piracy in education and rethinking test banks – May 17, 2019 (CCCOER, Liz Yata)

Access codes/assessment platforms

Also see General and Inclusive Access.

‘Paying to do your homework is just ridiculous’ The local and national fight for affordable textbooks – May 16, 2019 (The Daily, Claudia Yaw)

The need for an open assessment platform in higher education – October 29, 2018 (Medium, Robert Bodily)


OER survey and adoption growth: It pays to check source material – January 20, 2019 (e-Literate)

OER awareness and adoption on the rise – January 9, 2019 (Nicole Allen)


It’s a long game after all – August 21, 2019 (iterating toward openness)


Why a professor buys his books from the bookstore – August 20, 2019 (Another fine mess)

Affordable textbooks and independent college stores – May 10, 2019 (Open Oregon)


2019 Cascadia Open Education Summit Summary – May 10, 2019 (CCCOER, Dale Coleman)


Rights reversion success story: Dale Cannon – March 27, 2018 (Authors Alliance News)

Creative Commons/Creative Commons licences

Also see Publishers/publishing.

Message to the Creative Commons community regarding Joi Ito – September 10, 2019 (Creative Commons)

Joi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab, resigns over ties to Jeffrey Epstein – September 7, 2019 (MIT Technology Review)

Questioning the OER orthodoxy: Is the commons the right metaphor for our work with OER? – November 13, 2018 (David Wiley)

Three things you may misunderstand about the Creative Commons licenses – October 24, 2018 (David Wiley)


How paying for college is changing middle-class life -Aug 30, 2019 (NY Times)

Visualizations of Program-Level College Scorecard Data on Student Debt – June 4, 2019 (Phil on EdTech)

Small dollar amounts are significant – March 15, 2019 (Open Oregon)

How open education relates to socioeconomics – October 29, 2018 (The NYU Dispatch)

Diversity, equity, inclusion

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in OpenStax textbooks – August 29, 2019 (OpenStax Blog)

Leveraging open educational resources for queer students – June 24, 2019 (New America)

Could open educational resources help queer students? – October 22, 2018 (New America)

Efficacy and student outcomes

Open educational resources: What we don’t know – November 14, 2018 (Inside Higher Ed)

Assessing the impact of open educational resources – January 4, 2018 (Teaching in Higher Ed, podcast)


Inclusive Access (IA)

If inclusive access is on the horizon, ask yourself these nine questions – July 31, 2019 (OpenStax)

Giving inclusive access a second look – July 25, 2019 (OpenStax)

Colleges are striking bulk deals with textbook publishers. Critics say there are many downsides – May 23, 2019 (EdSurge)


Is it true that most open access journals do not charge an APC? Sort of. It depends. – August 26, 2015 (The Scholarly Kitchen)


Evaluating Open Access in a Consortial Context – May 14, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Licences and subscriptions

When the wolf finally arrives: Big deal cancellations in North American libraries – May 11, 2017 (The Scholarly Kitchen)


Open access monographs: Building better infrastructure – June 20, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Open educational practices (OEP)/pedagogy

Open research in practice: Moving from why to how? – June 17, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Today’s context demands use of OER – February 27, 2019 (Inside Higher Ed)

Give your students edit access to their course syllabus – November 20, 2018 (

Igniting our imagination in digital learning and pedagogy – November 9, 2017 (Teaching in Higher Ed, podcast)

Supporting deeper learning through OER and open educational practice – October 16, 2017 (ISKME)

Quick thoughts on open pedagogy – February 23, 2017 (iterating toward openness)

My open textbook: Pedagogy and practice – May 18, 2016 (actualham)

Open educational resources (OER)

Using open educational resources in your teaching – November 3, 2016 (Teaching in Higher Ed, podcast)

Open textbooks

Internal contradictions with open access books –  June 4, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Open washing

What is ‘open’? Openwashing and the half-truths about openness – January 1, 2018 (ELearning Inside)


Also see Publishing/publishers on this page.

The Cengage-MHE merger and data danger – August 27, 2019 (eLiterate)

Carnegie Mellon and Lumen Learning announce EEP-relevant collaboration – April 15, 2019 (eLiterate)

Paying for OER

How to pay for open – December 20, 2017 (Open Oregon Educational Resources)


Open source for scholarly publishing: An inventory and analysis – August 8, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)


Open and equitable scholarly communication: An ACRL research agenda – June 18, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

UNESCO OER recommendation: One step closer to adoption – June 4, 2019 (Creative Commons)

7 things you should know about open education: policies – 2018 (Educause)


Spotlight: Implementing publisher consignment rentals – March 6, 2019 (Foreword Online)


Also see Partnerships on this page.

Pearson’s born-digital move and frequency of updates – July 18, 2019 (e-Literate)

Pearson’s digital-first textbook initiative and student choice – July 16, 2019 (Phil on Ed Tech)

Why is it so hard to solve problems with technology? – June 6, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Internal contradictions with open access books – June 4, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Editing is at the heart of scholarly publishing – April 24, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Open access publishing: New evidence on faculty attitudes and behaviors – April 15, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

  • Referencing this research: Blankstein, M., & Wolff-Eisenberg, C. (2019, April 12). Ithaka S+R US Faculty Survey 2018.

Rob Johnson on shifting relationship dynamics and imbalances in an open access world – April 3, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Strategic and non-strategic society publishing – March 18, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Revisiting: Governance and the not-for-profit publisher – March 5, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

The fallacy of open-access publication – November 15, 2017 (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

The great unbundling of textbook publishers – October 22, 2016 (eLiterate)

Elsevier has started destroying SSRN – July 18, 2016 (SV-POW)


Reframing the conversation about OER – February 20, 2019 (Inside Higher Ed)

Reading: paper vs. screens

Also see Inclusive Access.

What’s important to know about screens and reading – May 23, 2019 (Carolina Journal)

Remixing OER

Remixing an OER textbook (history) – January 9, 2019 (Dan Allosso)


Also see Publishers/publishing.

Return on investment (ROI)

“But is it sustainable?” – December 20, 2017 (Open Oregon)

Exploring return-on-investment of open educational resources (slides) – 2017 (Yunfei Du, College of Information,


Support for a local approach to statewide OER data collection – July 10, 2019 (OpenOregon)

$1 billion in savings through open educational resources – October 12, 2018 (SPARC)


Scholarly communications shouldn’t just be open, but non-profit too – August 15, 2017 (LSE Impact Blog)

Social justice

Open in order to… (SPARC)

Sharing legally and freely for better learning – September 2017 (UNESCO)

Textbook costs

Low cost textbook alternatives: Worth the effort? – April 1, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

Bill Gates says the textbook is dying. Is he right? – February 23, 2019 (Forbes)

Learning altered by textbook cost – February 21, 2019 (Northern Star)

How textbook rentals undercut students – June 6, 2018 (Inside Higher Ed)

Is the average cost of a textbook $100? – February 17, 2017 (OpenOregon Educational Resources)

Not all books are created equal – September 8, 2014 (The FRED Blog)

Traditional knowledge

Is it possible to decolonize the Commons? An interview with Jane Anderson of Local Contexts – January 30, 2019 (Creative Commons)


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