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Last update: Dec 10/21


Opportunity or threat? What Plan S can contribute to open access in Latin America – December 4, 2019 (LSE Impact Blog)


Copyright reforms to improve access to education – March 18, 2019 (news24)

Equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI)

Open access and Global South: It is more than a matter of inclusion – January 28, 2021(The Scholarly Kitchen)

Being a critical voice – October 24, 2019 (Medium)

Reimagining open science through a feminist lens – December 25, 2018 (Medium)

Making international academic spaces international – December 6, 2018 (ProfHacker)

Power and inequality in open science discourses – November 20, 2017 (Medium)


Namibia: No Conception of Open Education in Namibia – November 22, 201 (allAfrica)

Open and distance learning – Making transformation happen – December 12, 2019 (University World News)

Open educational resources (OER)

Open educational resources: disruptive times encourage disruptive solutions – May 18, 2020 (UTS)


Publishing as an act, not an industry – November 18, 2018 (Zoe Wake Hyde)

The political economics of open access publishing: A series – September 27, 2015 (Cameron Neylon)


Leveling the playing field: How to address global imbalances in scholarly communication – March 6, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)

The evolving landscape of research access and its impact on the Global South – February 7, 2019 (The Scholarly Kitchen)


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