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Welcome to the BCcampus Open Education Information Directory. This resource provides information pertinent to the open education community. Categories include blogs and opinions, books, news, and research and reports, organized by English-speaking geographical regions around the globe. Additional resources, tools, and frameworks are listed in the appendix.

This is an ongoing resource to which information will be updated as needed. Each chapter includes a “Last update” posted at the top of the page and, because it is changed frequently, ISBNs are not provided for this guide in accordance with the ISBNs’ User Manual.

BCcampus Open Education began in 2012 as the B.C. Open Textbook Project with the goal of making post-secondary education in British Columbia more accessible by reducing students’ costs through the use of open textbooks and other OER. BCcampus supports the post-secondary institutions of British Columbia as they adapt and evolve their teaching and learning practices to enable powerful learning opportunities for the students of B.C. BCcampus Open Education is funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, and the Hewlett Foundation.

Open educational resources (OER) are defined as teaching, learning, and research resources that, through permissions granted by the copyright holder, allow others to use, distribute, keep, or make changes to them. Our support resources are openly licensed using a Creative Commons licence, and are offered in various e-book formats free of charge, or as printed books that are available at cost.

For more information about open education in British Columbia, please visit the BCcampus Open Education website.


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