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Detailed Description of Learning Activity

Take a module and have students create a 1-page summary of the content. Use visual notetaking to make it easily read and digested. These can be shared among peers, laminated for future reference, or made into posters for the classroom. Students can pull information and images direct from OER.

You’ll need to provide some resources on how to create visual notes (see below). Provide the students with the content scope. These are best created by hand and photographed for sharing digitally.

A visual notetaking example that uses the combination of words, sketches, and colour to convey meaning.
An example of visual note taking for a JISC Webinar on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Purpose of Activity

  • Summarize learning in a visual and meaningful way.
  • Study for end-of-module test.

What Makes This Open?

  • Students create content.
  • Incorporates reflective practice.
  • Uses OER.


The can be used as preparation for an end-of-module test, or they can submitted as an appendix to a summative test and assigned a portion of the marks. Marks are given for detail, comprehensiveness, and design.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity 10 minutes
Explore examples and provide tools for visual note-taking 30 minutes
Creation of visual poster 2 days
Presentation to peers 30 minutes

Resources Required

  1. Modules resources and internet for OER.
  2. Paper, pens, and coloured pencils.
  3. Device to photograph and share final posters.

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