2 Sequence of Events

Detailed Description of Learning Activity

This could be used as an introduction to a topic or a finishing exercise to reinforce learning.

Separate the class into two teams.  Choose a topic that follows a set of ordered steps, such as how to assemble and light an oxy-fuel bottle setup safely. Write each step onto a separate strip of paper and provide each team with a randomly shuffled set of steps. The goal is to have each member stand in a single file line holding the steps in what they believe is the correct order.  Usually five minutes is given for the teams to collaborate and come to their conclusion.

When the proper order is revealed, open the floor up for discussion and debate. Have students then brainstorm some memory techniques to help them remember the steps when they are in the shop.

This topic is especially great for the safety side of using welding equipment.

Purpose of Activity

  • Create a visual representation of list of steps.
  • Strengthen understanding through discussion and debate.

What Makes This Open?

  • Includes peer critique.
  • Incorporates reflective practice.
  • Collaborative/team-based learning.


This is a great formative assessment task that can be turned into a team challenge. It can be used to test prior knowledge (before the students have read the module) or reinforce what they have learned.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity and organization of teams 5 minutes
Group collaboration 5 minutes
Presentation of solution, discussion and debate 15 minutes

Resources Required

  1. Two envelopes with individual steps in random order.
  2. Learning space.

*Online alternative – this could be set up in a LMS quizzing tool, or a digital collaborative space, such as Google Jamboards


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