8 Community Projects

Detailed Description of Learning Activity

Design a project that students can do safely (and to code) that will serve a community partner. Ideas include:

  • Create finisher medals for a local race on the CNC.
  • Design and weld a box for storage.
  • Build a welded table or piece of art for a charity auction.
  • Make welding repairs of the snow groomer for the local cross country ski club.
  • Build sturdy bases or racks for other departments in the institution.

Purpose of Activity

  • Motivate students with a real project that serves the community.
  • Provide relevancy and authentic experience.

What Makes This Open?

  • Non-disposable assignment.
  • Collaborative/team-based learning.
  • Students share learning or resources beyond class.
  • Connected to wider community.


Feedback is best given by the community member receiving the project. Self-reflection by the student can be assessed for grades.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity 1 hour
Execute the project (which may include consultation and feedback with community partner) depends on project
Presentation to the community partner 30 minutes
Self-reflection 30 min – 1 hour

Resources Required

  1. A community project and resources to complete it.


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