10 H5P

Detailed Description of Learning Activity

H5P is a free, open technology that allows users to build simple, interactive learning objects such as quizzes, word searches, and games…etc. In this activity, have students create learning objects on a particular module or line item that can be shared with each other and made available for future classes.

Here is an example of a set of H5P flash cards for welding:

Here is an example of H5P fill-in-the-blank questions for knots:

Purpose of Activity

  • Consolidate learning and study for up-coming test.
  • Create learning objects that others can use.

What Makes This Open?

  • Uses OER.
  • Students create content.
  • Participatory technology.
  • Students share learning or resources beyond class.


These can be used as formative feedback for students if shared as a study tool. The creation of a learning object could be made into a formal assignment that is evaluated for a grade.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity and review of examples. 1 hour
Student exploration of the platform. 1–2 hours
Build learning object 1–2 days
Share learning objects 1 hour

Resources Required

  1. Module resources (textbook, OER, internet).
  2. Laptops or computers.
  3. Access to H5P.
  4. The H5P PB Kitchen Guide.


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