5 Real Welds

Detailed Description of Learning Activity

Have students take pictures of a variety of welds in their real world – their backyard, their homes, their workplaces, their places of leisure.  Have them share their pictures with the group. Have the group pose questions that can be discussed as a group.

At the end of the task, have students submit a reflective summary of what was learned.

This activity could be done as an introduction, or as a culminative activity to showcase all the kinds of welding they have learned about during the course.

Purpose of Activity

  • Connect book learning with real world.
  • Build a sense of community.

What Makes This Open?

  • Students create content.
  • Incorporates reflective practice.
  • Collaborative/team-based learning.


This could form part of a capstone portfolio that provides evidence of being able to identify certain kinds of welds.

It could also be turned into a “weld scavenger hunt”, where the competitive element becomes formative assessment.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity and organization of groups 15 minutes
At-home collecting of weld pictures 1–2 hours
Distribution and peer discussion 1–2 hours
Summary and reflection 30 minutes

Resources Required

  1. Smart phone.
  2. Collaborative space (virtual or face-to-face).
  3. Way to share photos (email to instructor, load to a learning management system, add to a virtual noticeboard, such as Padlet).


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