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Detailed Description of Learning Activity

At the beginning of a new module or line item, divide up the sections and assign them to small groups of 2-3 students. Have the students create an 8-10 slide deck with content, images, and a few quiz questions that teaches that module to fellow students. Use a platform like Google slides for easy sharing.  Each group takes one section and then shares with their peers in a short oral presentation. This is a good way to introduce a topic rather than the instructor doing all the talking.

Purpose of Activity

  • Have students review content before it is taught.
  • Students prepare a resource for each other.

What Makes This Open?

  • Participatory technology.
  • Students create content.
  • Collaborative/team-based learning.


This could be done on a regular basis (the first class of each week, or the first class of each new module) and evaluated for a grade. The instructor should give plenty of feedback at the start so that students learn expectations of quality and detail.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity 30 minutes at start of program
Students research and build slide deck 3-4 hours, on an on-going, regular basis.
Sharing and presentations 5-10 minutes per group.

Resources Required

  1. Student devices or computer lab.
  2. Module resources (textbooks, OER, internet).


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