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Detailed Description of Learning Activity

Have students pair up and choose a practical task that is relevant to the current stage in the program. Have them make a short 1–2 minute video on their smartphone that demonstrates the task and explains the theory behind it.

As an example, in welding, students learn the relationship between arc length, amperage and voltage. One student would be in the booth welding while the other is outside the booth keeping track of the amperage and voltage settings.  Open dialogue could be kept when the welder is using a short arc or a long arc so the student outside the booth can note the changes in amperage and voltage on the video. To take this a little further, one could show what effect short or arc length have on the weld deposition and bead shape.

Once this video is completed and presented to the rest of their classmates, peers can critique the video and then summarize what they learned. This short video can then be used as a future resource for the program.

Purpose of Activity

  • Articulate theory behind practical.
  • Produce a video that can shared with peers.

What Makes This Open?

  • Students create content.
  • Students share learning.
  • Participatory technology.
  • Includes peer critique.
  • Collaborative/team-based learning.


Peers will provide critique and feedback.

This can also be used to assess application of theory (formative or summative assessment)


Activity Time
Explanation of activity and organization of teams 10 minutes
Activity – planning, execution, editing 1–2 hour
Distribution and peer critique 1 hour

Resources Required

  1. Time in shop and access to proper safety equipment and tools.
  2. Recording device or smartphone.
  3. Place to upload (YouTube channel or learning management system).


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