3 Create a Resource Bank

Detailed Description of Learning Activity

Give your students a topic that they will be studying in the next block.  Ask them to read about the topic in their texts and research on the internet to get a good understanding of it.  Once a baseline of knowledge is set, ask them to search for 1–2 good resources that could be used as future classroom materials to enhance the learning.  Encourage them to use whatever they find to best compliment the topic chosen – videos, slide presentations, practice questions, posters, text quotes, or the students could even create their own media.

Have the students share what they found to the class (with a summary of each resource), and then collectively review, critique, and rank the resources. Use a polling tool to determine the top 5.

This activity will engage the students and give them a sense of value as to helping create future materials for any program.

Purpose of Activity

  • Collect supplementary or auxiliary resources to improve learning on different topics.
  • Expand understanding by having students review and critique these resources.

What Makes This Open?

  • Uses open education resources.
  • Students share learning and resources.
  • Incorporates reflective practice.
  • Connected to wider community.
  • Collaborative/team-based learning.


This can be used as formative assessment to see how much students understand the concept or topic when presented in other formats.


Activity Time
Explanation of activity 5 minutes
Time to research 1–2 hours
Presentation of auxiliary resources 1 hour
Review, critique, and rank 30 minutes

Resources Required

  1. Textbook or module.
  2. Access to internet.
  3. Means to post and share resource links to the class.
  4. Polling tool for ranking resources.


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