Unit 3. Basic file management and word processing

Unit 3: Self-test

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True or false

  1. Filename: a unique name given to a file to identify it.
  2. A folder cannot contain additional folders.
  3. Basic file management refers to a way to name, save, backup, organize files/folders and keep tracking of files on a computer.
  4. Point and click: press and hold the left mouse button to grab an object and place it to a different location.

Fill in the blank

  1. When you save data or install programs on your computer, the information is written to the [blank] disk.
  2. A [blank] is a telephone connection over the Internet. It allows users to make calls over the Internet.
  3. A computer device that stores and retrieves information, data, files, programs, etc. from a disk. The drive is often referred to by the [blank].
  4. A [blank] is a virtual storage space used to store and organize computer files.
  5. A [blank] is a device that is usually connected to a computer in order to transfer the text and graphic information to paper.
  6. Word processing is the use of a program running on a computer that allows users to create,  [blank], format, and store documents.

Multiple choice

  1. The [blank] is a group of buttons and icons at the top of the window. It allows users to access the commands that they need to complete a task.
    1. stick
    2. tab
    3. ribbon
    4. RAM
  2. A filename can contain:
    1. letters
    2. symbols
    3. numbers
    4. all of the above
  3. A folder has a name and is represented by [blank].
    1. a stick
    2. an icon
    3. number
    4. a tab
  4. [Blank] is the use of a program running on a computer that allows users to create, edit, format and store documents.
    1. spreadsheet
    2. file management
    3. word processing
    4. all of the above

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