About the Author

Meizhong Wang has been an instructor at the College of New Caledonia (CNC) in Canada for 30 years. She currently teaches mathematical and computer courses and has lectured in physics, electronics, electric circuits, and more at CNC and other colleges and universities in Canada and China.

Meizhong is also the author of several books, including:

Key Concepts of Intermediate Level Math (BCcampus – Canada, 2018)





Algebra I & II – Key Concepts, Practice, and Quizzes (The Critical Thinking Co. – U.S., 2013).




Understandable Electric Circuits (Michael Faraday House of the IET – Institution of Engineering and Technology – U.K., 2010, second edition 2018).





Math Made Easy (CNC Press, Canada, 2011, second edition 2013).





Legends of Four Chinese Sages – coauthor (Lily S.S.C Literary Ltd. – Canada, 2007).




简明电路基础, Chinese version of Understandable Electric Circuits (The Higher Education Press – China, 2005).


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