Unit 1 Use a Theme Template and Slide Layouts to Create a Presentation

6 Apply Your Skill


person at computer Apply Your Skill

Activity 1: Apply Your Skill

In this Apply Your Skill Activity you will edit an existing presentation. In order to complete this exercise, you will need to download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation file Interview Guidelines. Click on the Dropbox on the Navigation Bar and download the Activity – Interview Guidelines.

box with a checkmark in it  Follow the Instructions located in the Dropbox for this activity.

box with a checkmark in it  Submit your completed file Interview Guidelines to the Dropbox for grading (5 marks).

box with a checkmark in it  Complete Practice Quiz 1 located under the Quizzes link.

Activity 2: Key Terms

box with a checkmark in it The following table contains some key terms from Unit 1. Using either paper or your word processing software, list and define each term. Check your definition in the online glossary by clicking on the Glossary link. When in the Glossarysection, click on the letter representing the first letter of the term you are reviewing.

presentation slide show bulleted list
object mouse pointer attribute
placeholder object area scroll bar
sub-title font italics
landscape orientation layout zoom


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