Unit 4 Preparing Presentation Based on Notes

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Unit 4:  Creating Presentations Based on Notes


  • Plan an effective presentation from notes using outline view
  • Divide text into individual slides that conforms to the 7 x 7 rule for text lines
  • Select clip art objects to enhance slide information
  • Apply animation and slide transitions effects to title and bulleted slides
  • Add header and footer features to outline pages and slides
  • Ensure that the presentation has a title slide and closing slide
  • Select a theme template that complements the presentation


Unit 4 will make use of the features learned in Unit 3 while you create presentations entirely from notes using outline view.  The information for the presentations will be given to you, but you will need to divide the information into separate slides, organize the wording on each slide, select appropriate clip art images that enhance the slide information, add animation effects where appropriate, select slide transition effects, select an appropriate theme template, and ensure a business-quality presentation.

You will work with a partner during the practice activities to help and critique each other’s work.


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