Unit 5 Create a Web Presentation Using PowerPoint

25 Presentation checklist


Whose Presentation is reviewed?                         

Feedback by:                          


Design Guideline

Content Checklist  P/Comment  

Introductory slide created * Gains audience attention

*Introduces the topic & forecasts what is coming

Design template * Provides an appropriate background for content and message
Title slide * No transition effect applied
Individual slides * Contain one topic per slide

* Applies the 7 x 7 rule

* Font size appropriate for title & supporting text

* Clear to read content throughout

* Layout is consistent across all slides

Transition effects applied * Maximum of two different effects

* Applied effects are appropriate

Animation effects applied * Maximum of three different effects

* Appropriate effects are chosen

Graphics images * Supports slide idea, adds to slide idea

* Appropriately positioned on slide

* Appropriately sized

* Appropriate number of graphic images included in presentation

Concluding slide created * Summarizes main points

* Leaves audience with an important thought

What was the main message of this Presentation?
What did you like best about this presentation?
Suggestions for improvement or additions.
Any Further comments?


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