Unit 5 Create a Web Presentation Using PowerPoint

26 Practice Activities


person at computer Unit Five: Practice Activities

Practice Activity 1

box with a checkmark in it In this activity you will be saving the Student Employ presentation that you created in Assignment 3 & 4 as a video.

1. Open StudentEmploy.pptx

2. Click on the File tab, then Save & Send and click Create a video

3.Click the Computer & HD Displays down arrow and select Internet & DVD.

4. Click Create Video

5. Locate the file folder you would like to save your presentation in by clicking on Browse.

6. Click Save

7. Close PowerPoint. Go to the folder containing the saved video file and double-click the file.

8. If you are not satisfied with how the presentation looks, make changes to the original PowerPoint file and go through the Create a video process again.

Once you have completed all Practice Activities, click the Next Topic arrow to proceed to the Learning Assessment for Unit 5.


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