Geometric Construction

12 Create Other Polygons

  1. Choose how many side you want.
  2. Choose a side length. Think of this line as a radius.
  3. Draw a baseline double that length.
  4. Set you compass to the side length (radius).
  5. Draw a half circle from the centre of the line.
  6. Divide the half circle into the number of sides required and number it (other geometric construction techniques will be used here).
  7. Draw a line from the radius point to the third point and label the angle/triangle A-B-C. This will create an angle equal to the polygon angle (for example, five sides equals 5 ÷ 360 = 72°).
  8. Use “Draw an Arc Through Three Points” to find the radius point for A-B-C.
  9. Use this radius to draw a complete circle.
  10. Set your compass to the required side length and swing it along the circumference however many times needed to complete the polygon.


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