When wanting to build a project, we need to first imagine it. The process of pattern development gives us the ability to take that visual representation and actually create the object. It allows us to turn two-dimensional metal, into three-dimensional objects, which is the basis for everything we fabricate.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the layout and pattern-development processes.

Layout Terms

  • Elevation view – looking at the front or side of something, to have elevation (height), 2D.
  • Element Line – a line representing an edge or bend.
  • Perimeter – the distance around an object.
  • Plan viewlooking down at something, a “birds eye view,” “floor plan,” 2D.
  • Profile – a view showing half of a plan view.
  • Sector – a special profile which is inside of an object, a section view.
  • Step-off – a length equal to [latex]\small\frac{1}{12}[/latex] of a circumference.
  • Stretch-out – a shape which has been “stretched out,” to take a perimeter and make it straight.
  • True length – a dimension or line that is not distorted by the view.


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