Radial Line Pattern Development

22 Frustum of a Cone

  1. Draw an , including the point.
  2. the base of the elevation view and divide it into 6 equal parts.
  3. Label the profile from 1 to 7 and project the divisions vertically into the base of the cone.
  4. Project the from the base to the apex of the cone.
  5. Locate a radius point where you want to develop the pattern.
  6. With your compass, take the large  from the elevation view and swing an arc from the radius point.
  7. Set your compass to the small slant height and swing it from the same radius point.
  8. Along the (large) arc, establish a starting point for the pattern and draw a line back to the radius point.
  9. Set your compass to a step-off. From your starting point, swing it 12 times along the stretch-out arc. In this case, this must be done on the large or stretch-out arc because that is where the step-off is taken from.
  10. Connect the last point back to the radius point to complete the pattern.



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