28 Way-Off-Centre Square to Round or Any Shape

For any square to round, we want to think of the four quadrants of each end. No matter how they are configured, if we connect each of the corresponding quadrants (upper left to upper left, lower left to lower left, etc.), we can develop the pattern in the same way done previously. If we think of other shapes, as long as we can connect the two ends with element lines, which create triangles, we can triangulate it. We just have to think about forming it!

  1. Draw a full plan view complete with all element lines and labeling.
  2. Create a TLD with all element lines required.
  3. Start with baseline of two known points then triangulate the third point.
  4. Follow the basic steps of triangulation to finish the pattern. In the case of a square to round with NO line of symmetry, two different half patterns will need to be developed.



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