A Pathway to Hope

The BC Provincial Peer Support Worker Training Project (2021) emerged out of an identified need for peer support training resources in the document A Pathway to Hope: A roadmap for making mental health and addictions care better for people in British Columbia (Ministry of Mental Health, 2019).

The following is an excerpt from page 29 of the document, outlining Priority Actions:

Develop peer support worker training resources Made-in-B.C. lived experience support worker training resources will:

  • Recognize the valuable contributions that peer support workers make in supporting people in healing and recovery.
  • Incorporate the practice principles described within the strategy.
  • Provide employers and post-secondary institutions with provincially approved training resources.
  • Reflect the diverse needs of the population through the application of an equity lens.
  • Enhance lived experience support worker training quality and consistency across the province.


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