Obstacles to Communication

Most of this module focuses on connection and the ways we can increase connection in our relationships. We believe that in putting our attention on connection, we will help prevent other problems from arising, or if they do arise, a focus on connection helps us to see and address them.

However, it is still worth mentioning a few possible barriers to consider. As you read these, write down your thoughts on why you think they could be a problem within your context, and what you can do to address the issue. If you need some support as you work through this section, talk about it with another team member or your supervisor.

  • Jargon and abbreviations:
  • Talking too much:
  • External noise:
  • Your energy level:
  • Shame/embarrassment/defensiveness:
  • Lack of focus:
  • When someone talks around an issue:
  • Unspoken expectations or boundaries:
  • A physically unsafe environment:


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