Connection & Communication

Purpose of Module

As we talked about in the first module, human beings are inextricably interconnected. Yet today, we live in a hyper-individualistic society and are facing an epidemic of loneliness. In this training module, we will focus on cultivating compassion and empathy, listening deeply to understand, and asking powerful questions to increase reflection and connection. These are foundational to good communication. We will also weave in content from previous modules around worldview, self-determination, cultural humility, boundaries, and creating safety in connection and communication.

We will look at how to reduce the fear and shame that can come with disconnection and conflict, and what to do when they arise. As human beings we aren’t perfect, and conflict and disconnection are bound to happen at some point in all our relationships. Shifting our mindset to view those instances not as failures but instead as opportunities to connect on a deeper level can be an antidote to shame and deeper disconnection. We will look at harnessing the electricity of connection. We will tap into the magic that comes when we approach our relationships with possibility, compassion, and a desire to understand.

Learning Objectives

  1. You will observe and assess your listening skills, practicing new ways to strengthen your capacity to listen.
  2. You will demonstrate the importance of caring, curiosity, and mindful presence in your communication with others.
  3. You will be able to draw on tools you’ve learned when conflict arises in your peer support work.
  4. You will be able to distinguish between compassion and empathy, understand how they interconnect, and be able to further integrate both into your practice as a peer support worker.

Core Values

Throughout this module, please consider and reflect on the Core Values. When you are finished going through this module, please come back to this page and jot down some thoughts about how you will apply the Core Values in your work related to this topic. If you need a refresh of the definition of the Core Values see the graphic at the end of this module.

  • Hope and Wholeness for All
  • Acknowledgement
  • Mutuality
  • Strength-Based
  • Self-Determination
  • Respect, Dignity, and Equity
  • Belonging and Community
  • Curiosity


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