The Fluidity of Boundaries

Boundaries are not rigid like ethics. Like we talked about, boundaries are more fluid and can shift and change as we move into different seasons of life, and when we experience growth. Your boundaries will look different with people depending on how close they are to you. For example, one day you might feel good about a hug from a friend and another day you might not be ok with it. If you are someone who goes to bed early, you might say no to studying late with a friend on a weekday night. However, there might be another time when after assessing your priorities, you might decide it’s necessary.

Boundaries change. Sometimes they need to be firm. Other times they are more fluid. You have a right to change your mind about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Assessing where we are emotionally at any given time, is an important piece of boundary creation.

You always have a right to change your boundaries.

For Reflection

  • Do you have fluidity with your boundaries? Have you noticed yourself creating different boundaries with different relationships? Are some of your boundaries non-negotiable?
  • What are some potential boundary situations that can come up at work?


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