The Importance of Safety, Predictability and Choice in Our Peer Support Interactions

In your work as a peer support worker, it is essential that in everything you do and say, you maintain an awareness of the need to create safety for the person you are supporting, and to offer them predictability and choice.

Some specific examples of maintaining this awareness of safety, predictability and choice are:

  • Offering options and choices in everything you do
  • Staying aware of how safe the person feels–make sure to ask
  • Letting people know ahead of time if there is a change with a meeting

This is a content-rich module, and there is a lot to remember. If you just remember these three words you will be doing great: Safety, Predictability, and Choice.

For Reflection

  • What can you do to ensure safety when you are supporting someone?
  • What can you do to ensure predictability when supporting someone? How will you navigate change when it comes up?
  • What can you do to ensure choice in your relationships?



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