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Rosario Passos, Instructional Development Consultant
Learning and Teaching Centre
Phone: 604-456-1266


Lin Brander, Open Education Librarian
Phone: 604-432-8922

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Open BCIT is sponsored by the AVP, Education Support and Innovation, and supported by the Open Education Working Group, BCIT Library, and the Learning and Teaching Centre.

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Ancillary resources

Other OER

  • Workplace Soft Skills for Indigenous Trades Students, learning module by Kory Wilson, Tara Mollett

On-campus OE Sustainability



BCIT is piloting a publishing program. The Library will compile instructors’ digital teaching materials in Pressbooks and publish the work under a Creative Commons license. For more information, contact

Grants and projects

BCIT offers small (up to $5000) Open Education Grants to develop open ancillary resources (test banks, case studies, slide decks, etc.) or to redesign courses to incorporate open educational practices and open course materials. These funds are distributed as part-time studies contracts so are subjected to tax and benefits deductions.

BCIT Open Education Grant Projects

Projects in progress


  • Business Around the World, short video series, Svitlana Kominko & Mark Nakamura
  • Computers: Create an OER introduction to working with text files, paths, and file handling by the operating system and by parsing programs, Lynda Williams, Bryan Fair
  • Drone: create a practical, hands-on operational manual on how to use an enterpise remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS, aka drone) to carry out general visual inspection of aircraft, Eric Saczuk
  • Film an entrepreneurship events series on topics such as marketing, funding, and legal considerations, Laura Barreca & Chad Flinn
  • Indigenous Awareness: Create supplementary materials to help bridge Kory Wilson’s three Open Modules on Indigenous Awareness into credit-bearing courses such as diploma and degree courses, Shannon Kelly
  • Internet of Things (IoT) to serve as an instructional document to build practical Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) prototype projects using LTE-M technology,  textbook, Reza Vahidnia
  • Internet of Things (IoT) to provide a comparison of some of the existing IoT technologies using practical use cases, textbook, John Dion
  • Kongsberg’s Dual Fuel Steam Propulsion Plant software, student manual, Vadim Mikhailov
  • Lighting: Create a textbook and question bank on lighting, Aaron Lee
  • Nursing: Develop a test bank and/or case studies for Nursing Knowledge and Nursing Practice courses, Amanda Egert
  • Piping Trades: Create a small curriculum package for the Piping Trades covering a new addition to the Provincial Outline – “Using Communication Techniques” and “Using Mentoring Techniques”, Tim Carsen
  • Plant identification textbook that focuses on winter identification of trees in the Pacific Northwest, with student involvement, Julia Alards-Tomalin
  • Podcasts: Create a series of entrepreneur podcasts, Chad Flinn
  • SoP manual: test and verify the accuracy of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK and develop SoP with student involvement, Eric Saczuk

Marketing OER 2020 (BCcampus)

  • Mike Walmsley – Marketing Plan Development

Trades OER Development Grant 2019 (BCcampus)

  • Aaron Lee and Chad Flinn – Basic Control Circuits. Produce a student resource in Pressbooks on basic control circuits that is enhanced by corresponding audio and video, which will benefit many who are in the electrical, plumbing, gasfitting, and HVAC trades. They will be using H5P in their question bank, and all the resources will be made available to the part-time students of their institution.
  • Mark Overgaard and Chad Flinn – Plumbing and Electrical. Produce a student resource in Pressbooks on math for the trades that is enhanced by corresponding audio and video, which will benefit many who are entering the skilled trades and need support with their fundamental math skills.

Trades OER Development Grant 2020 (BCcampus)

  • Aaron Lee – HVAC Electrical for Electrial Apprenticeship
  • Mark Overgaard and Chad Flinn – Math for Trades: Volume 2
  • Brian Messer, under the support the Millwright Articulation Committee – Millwright, Student resources for Level 1 Apprenticeship

OE Sustainability Grant

  • Continue the small grants program at BCIT.
  • Faculty Champion/Fellow.This work includes: expanding open education advocacy with faculty and students; liaising with the BCIT Student Association and other student groups; organizing and participating in events and workshops; and, conducting a small research project or survey focused on BCIT faculty or students and the use of OER/OEP. Grant recipient: Chad Flinn
  • Convert the Tools for the Trades module to a sustainable format. Lead: Rosario Passos
  • Establish an Open Publishing Program which will convert suitable current digital content to PressBooks format, and support faculty to develop content in PressBooks. Lead: Lin Brander




Working group

BCIT Open Education Working Group supports and promotes the development and use of OER and OE teaching practices, functions as a community of practice, and is open to anyone who would like to join. The Group is under the umbrella of the Educational Technology and Learning Design Committee (ELTDC).

ELTDC is a sub-committee of Education Council. The committee provides strategic guidance and recommendations regarding the implementation and use of educational technology across the institute.

Open BCIT is sponsored by the AVP, Education Support and Innovation, and is supported by the Open Education Working Group, the Library, and the Learning and Teaching Centre.

Working group co-chairs

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BCcampus Advisory Group

  • Sanja Boskovic (2017-19)

BCcampus: Educational Electronic Health Record System (EdEHR) Project

  • Cheryl Isaak, Glynda Rees, Janet Morrison, Rob Kruger (2018)

BCcampus Open Education

Advocacy and Research Fellow

  • Chad Flinn (2019-20)
  • Ken Jefferey (2017)


  • Tim Carson, Provincial Trades Representative for Open (2019-21)
  • Rosario Passos, Advisor, Open Education (2016-17)

Advisory Board

  • Rosario Passos (2019-20)

Business ZTC Programs Advisory Group

  • Vicky Roy (2019-21)

STEM ZTC Programs Advisory Group

  • Lin Brander (2019-21)

Trades Advisory Group

  • Mark Deroche (2019-21)
  • Chad Flinn (2019021)
  • bryan Messer (2019-21)

BCOEL Membership

  • Lin Brander
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