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  • Inba Kehoe, Copyright Officer/Scholarly Communications Librarian

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Many works in this collection are covered by an open-copyright (CC) licence. It is the user’s responsibility to check the licence and terms of use for each item.

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This service is primarily a digital open access publishing program, the service aims to explore new modes of scholarly publishing, while making works available simultaneously in print and digital formats, for a varied audience.

Grants and projects

Projects in Progress

  • Jane Butterfield, Department of Mathematics and Statistics – Pre-calculus Review Workbook
  • Christopher Eagle, Department of Mathematics and Statistics – Open-access text for Math 110
  • Shannon Fargey, Department of Geography – An Introduction to Earth System Science
  • Allyson Hadwin, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies – Learning to self-regulate learning: Strategies for optimizing learning, motivation, and socio-emotional success at university
  • Quentin Mackie, Department of Anthropology – Introductory Archaeology: An Open Access Textbook

OE Sustainability Grant (2020)

  1. Develop a new Open Education Digital Initiatives Grant (OEDIG) program. The program will aim to build a team of up to 10 faculty members from across campus. It will include a variety of university supports, such as librarians, education technologists, book production specialists, and students.
  2. Create an Open Education Faculty Fellows program that aims to reduce student barriers to accessibility and learning by increasing adoptions of OER at UVic.


Open textbooks reviewed by UVic faculty


UVic Student Society (UVSS)

Research and presentations

  • Bozkurt, A., et al. (Contributing authors included Michael Paskevicius and Valerie Irvine from U.Vic.) (2020). A global outlook to the interruption of education due to COVID-19 Pandemic: Navigating in a time of uncertainty and crisis. Asian Journal of Distance Education, 15(1).
  • Paskevicius, M. & Irvine, V. (2019). Practicalities of implementing open pedagogy in higher education. Smart Learn. Environ. 6, 23.
  • Paskevicius, M. & Irvine, V. (2019). Open education and learning design: Open pedagogy in Praxis. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, (1), p.10. doi:

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BCcampus Advisory Group

  • Mariel Miller (2017-2019)

BCcampus: Educational Electronic Health Record System (EdEHR) Project

  • Andre Kushniruk, Elizabeth Borycki (2018)

BCOEL Membership

  • Inba Kehoe


  • Valerie Irvine, President (founding member)


2018-2019 Open Education Leadership Mentors

  • Inba Kehoe
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