British Columbia

30 Other private Institutions in B.C.

Adler University

Alexander College

OER from Alexander College

Open textbook – new

Cambria College

CDI College

Columbia College

BEYOND Columbia

BCOEL Membership

  • Faith Jones
  • Krystyna Nowak

Columbia Bible College

BEYOND Columbia Bible College

BCOEL Membership

  • Anne Andres

Coquitlam College

Corpus Christi College

OER from CCC

Open textbook – new

Dorset College

Open textbooks reviewed by Dorset faculty

Eton College

Open textbooks reviewed by Eton faculty

Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU)


BCcampus Advisory Group

  • James Gifford (2017-2019)

Fraser International College

LaSalle College Vancouver

Native Education College

Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA)


Quest University

OER from Quest

Open textbook – adapted

Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics

OER from Tulo

Vancouver Premier College: Hotel Management

Yorkville University

Last update: Jan 31/23


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