British Columbia

32 Other private Institutions in B.C.

Adler University

Cambria College

CDI College

Columbia College


Melissa Cardoso, Instructional Development Consultant/Chair of the Open Education Resource Committee
Phone: 604-683-8360

BEYOND Columbia

BCOEL Membership

  • Faith Jones
  • Krystyna Nowak

Columbia Bible College

BEYOND Columbia Bible College

BCOEL Membership

  • Anne Andres

Coquitlam College

Corpus Christi College

OER from CCC

Open textbook – new

Dorset College

Open textbooks reviewed by Dorset faculty

Eton College

Open textbooks reviewed by Eton faculty

Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU)


BCcampus Advisory Group

  • James Gifford (2017-2019)

Fraser International College

LaSalle College Vancouver

Native Education College

Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA)


Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics

OER from Tulo

Vancouver Premier College: Hotel Management

Yorkville University

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