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For assistance, please contact:

  • Will Engle, Strategist, Open Education Initiatives
    Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology
    Phone: 604-822-5913


  • Erin Fields, Open Education and Scholarly Communications Librarian
    Phone: 604-822-0977


For help providing OER to students in the classroom, please contact:


Open UBC

Tenure and promotion

Tenure, Promotion & Reappointment for Faculty Members:



UBC repositories

  • Open textbook catalogue: Open texts created by faculty and students at the University of British Columbia in support of open educational practices on campus.
  • cIRcle is an open access digital repository for published and unpublished material created by the UBC community and its partners. Its aim is to showcase and preserve UBC’s unique intellectual output by making content freely available to anyone, anywhere via the web.
  • Open UBC is a curated collection of resources for faculty and students to learn about the why, what and how of open education practices and what they mean to teaching and learning at UBC. It will evolve as our practices evolve on our campuses and beyond

Canadian repositories

UBC Libraries

UBC Bookstores

The UBC Bookstores work with instructors to provide Open Educational Resources that are freely available for students, to be used for educational purposes.

To learn more, including how to locate OER’s and add them to course curriculums, please watch the brief video below.

Open scholarship

  • Program for Open Scholarship and Education (POSE): A new one-year flexible and blended program jointly presented by the UBC Open Working Group, the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and UBC Library. The program will help you develop foundational knowledge of Open Scholarship, Open Education and Open Research.

OER from UBC

Open textbooks – new

Open textbooks – adapted

Homework systems

Supplementary materials

Courses and programs

Support resources

Presentation/learning resources

Other OER used in UBC courses


Support resources

Grants and projects

Open Educational Resources Fund

Other grant funds

Projects in progress

2021 Pressbooks H5P OER Development Grant (BCcampus)

  • Le français interactif – contributor

Open Course Grant 2021

  • Family Sociology

Open Geography Lab Manual

  • Contributor – Nina Hewitt



Student society (AMS)

Working group

The Open Working Group develops resources for the website as well as supports emerging and ongoing open projects at UBC and beyond.

Presentations and podcasts


  • Fields, E., & Harper, A. (2020). Opening up information literacy: Empowering students through open pedagogy. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy, 2.
  • Hendricks, C. (2015). Teaching and learning philosophy in the open. American Association of Philosophy Teachers, Studies in Pedagogy, 1, 17-32. doi: 10.5840/aaptstudies20159162
  • Hendricks, C., Reinsberg, S.A., Rieger, G.W. (2017). The adoption of an open textbook in a large Physics course: An analysis of cost, outcomes, use and perceptions. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 18(4). doi: 10.19173/irrodl.v18i4.3006
  • Jhangiani, R. S., Pitt, R., Hendricks, C., Key, J., & Lalonde, C. (2016). Exploring the use of open educational resources at BC post-secondary institutions. Victoria, BC: BCcampus.

Blogs and news

Open Dialogues video series



Advisory Group

  • Peter Arthur (2017-2019)

Scholarly Teaching Fellows

  • Peter Arthur (2018-19)

BCcampus: Educational Electronic Health Record System (EdEHR) Project

  • Joseph Anthony, Leanne Currie, Jason Min, Christie Newton (2018)

BCcampus Open Education

Advocacy and Research Fellows

  • Jonathan Verrett (2018-19)
  • Erin Fields (2018-19)

Faculty Fellows

  • Arthur “Gill” Green (2016-17)
  • Christina Hendricks (2014-15)


  • Lucas Wright (2017-18)

Advisory Board

  • Erin Fields (2019-20)
  • Christina Hendricks (2019-20)

Open Homework Systems Advisory Group

  • Agnes d’Entremont (2019-21)
  • Will Engle (2019-21)

STEM ZTC Programs Advisory Group

  • Jackie Stewart (2019-21)
  • Jonathan Verrett (2019-21)

BCOEL Membership

  • Will Engle
  • Erin Fields
  • Amanda Grey
  • Katherine Miller
  • Wendy Traas
  • Lucas Wright

Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL)

Open Education Group OER Research Fellowships

  • Liza Navarro (2018-19)
  • Arthur “Gill” Green (2016-17)
  • Christina Hendricks (2015-16)


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