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For assistance, please contact:

  • Donna Langille, Community Engagement Librarian
    Phone: 250 807-9233


  • Michelle Lamberson, Director, Flexible Learning
    Phone: 250-807-9029


  • Centre for Teaching and Learning


For help providing OER to students in the classroom, please contact:


Open UBC

Tenure and promotion

Tenure, Promotion & Reappointment for Faculty Members:

BCcampus Open Education Interior Regional Representative

Ross McKerlich

The Open Interior channel is available for communicating with colleagues at BC’s interior post-secondary institutions who are interested in open education. To join, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the following link
  2. Create an account
  3. Once you create an account you are automatically in the “Town Square” channel. Look to the left under “public channels” click more and after searching choose “open interior.”

This is a public channel that anyone can join so feel free to share this information with colleagues.


What is Open UBC?

UBC repositories

  • cIRcle is an open access digital repository for published and unpublished material created by the UBC community and its partners. Its aim is to showcase and preserve UBC’s unique intellectual output by making content freely available to anyone, anywhere via the web.
  • Open UBC is a curated collection of resources for faculty and students to learn about the why, what and how of open education practices and what they mean to teaching and learning at UBC. It will evolve as our practices evolve on our campuses and beyond

UBC Bookstore

The UBC Bookstore works with instructors to provide Open Educational Resources that are freely available for students, to be used for educational purposes.

  • Contact: (Okanagan)
  • Open educational resources: Open Educational Resources, or OER’s, are digital learning materials that are freely available to students. By choosing OERs, instructors are lowering the costs of learning materials for students, thereby making their education more affordable.

To learn more, including how to locate OER’s and add them to course curriculums, please watch the brief video below.

Open scholarship

  • Program for Open Scholarship and Education (POSE): A new one-year flexible and blended program jointly presented by the UBC Open Working Group, the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and UBC Library. The program will help you develop foundational knowledge of Open Scholarship, Open Education and Open Research.

OER from UBC

Open textbooks – new

Supplementary materials

Courses and programs

Support resources

Presentation/learning resources


Grants and projects

Projects in Progress

OE Foundation Grant (2020)

  1. Implement programs, activities, and events that support advocacy and awareness building. If the university is open to students in September, the majority of events will be held in
    person and on campus. However, a contingency plan for virtual programs, activities, and events will also be made in case the university is still closed due to COVID-19.
  2. Establish an institutional grant program for instructors to adapt OER for their courses. The funding may be used to hire student assistants and to redesign a course that incorporates OEP.

Open Geography Lab Manual

  • Contributors: Stuart MacKinnon (editor), Fes de Scally, Craig Nichol, Ian Saunders


Working group

  • For information about this working group and how to join, contact Donna Langille, Community Engagement Librarian at

Blogs and news

Research and presentations


BCOEL Membership

  • Donna Langille
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