One of the challenges of working in a relatively new field, like open education, is finding the community, tools, and support needed–especially at the local level.

This directory is an open educational reference for post-secondary institutions in British Columbia and Canada. The first section focuses on B.C. colleges, institutes, and universities and the way in which each: provides support for its community; uses, creates, and evaluates open educational resources; and engages in open education on campus through events, a working group, and student involvement.

The second section is divided into Canada’s remaining nine provinces and three territories, listed alphabetically. Each chapter begins with province- or territory-wide post-secondary information such the names and links to open education projects and collections, post-secondary library associations, and government departments or ministries of higher education. This is followed by post-secondary institutions that have posted their OER/OEP guides and involvement in open education. An overview of Canada’s national open education initiatives can be found in the appendix.

Regardless of open education participation, the intention and design behind this directory are to provide a mean of sharing ideas and practices. In the first section, a standard template is used to lay out each institution’s resources and practices so that both the individual searching for assistance at their home institution and their colleagues at other colleges and universities can easily locate institution-specific, open education information.

The following open education categories are used for each institutional entry in the British Columbia section of this directory. When fitting, an item may be placed under more than one heading.


  • Contacts
  • Website and information
    • OER policy
    • Reports
  • Tenure and promotion
  • Events
  • Adoptions


  • [Institution] repository
  • Canadian repositories
  • [Institution] Library
    • Library resources: libguides, OER catalogue
  • [Institution] Bookstore or Printshop
    • open textbooks available as purchase as digital or printed copies online or in-store
    •  print-on-demand service
  • ZTC programs
  • Open pedagogy programs and resources
  • Open scholarship programs and resources

OER from [Institution]

  • Open textbooks – new
  • Open textbooks – adapted
  • Open textbooks – relicensed
  • Ancillary resources
  • Courses
  • Support resources


  • Publishing services
  • Grants and projects
  • Projects in progress


  • Open textbooks reviewed by [institution] faculty
  • OER subject matter experts at [institution]


  • Student society/union
  • Working group
  • Research and presentations
  • Blogs and news
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

BEYOND [institution]

  • BCcampus Open Education
    • past faculty fellows, secondees
  • Other open education projects and fellowships


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