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If you are using an open textbook or other OER in an SFU course, please report it to:

  • Hope Power, Teaching & Learning Librarian


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  • A guide for new faculty and instructors at SFU (CC BY-NC-SA)
    • Part 2: In the classroom and beyond, 6. Preparing the class, how do I choose my textbooks and other course materials? “…If you use a standard text along with previously used course materials like assignments, make sure that the materials refer to the same text edition that your students will be using. If you are free to choose a textbook, keep your students’ finances, as well as sustainability, in mind. For example, you might want to consider an electronic text instead of a printed text, or you might want to use an open access book (for example, from the BC Open Textbook Project) (italics added) instead of a text sold by a publishing company.”

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  • Virtual and Augmented Reality field trips, contributor Brent Ward

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  • SFU: OER Protege Program

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BCcampus Open Education funding 2020

  • Create an Introductory Criminology open textbook (KPU lead institution) – contributor

Open Geography Lab Manual

  • Contributor: Andrew Perkins



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Alperin, J.P., Morales, E., & McKiernan, E. (2019). Academic review promotion and tenure documents promote a view of open access that is at odds with the wider academic community. LSE Impact Blog. Retrieved from

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McClure, M. & Belikov, O. (2020). A qualitative analysis of open textbook reviews. The International Journal of Open Educational Resources.

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  • Gaitri Yapa (2019-21)

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  • Hope Power

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