Mathematics can be best described as a language, and when one learns the foundations of mathematics, one starts the process of becoming literate. The mathematics covered in this textbook are at an intermediate algebra level, building upon literacies covered in Mathematical Fundamental and Elementary Algebra.

This textbook can trace its origins to three distinct sources:

First, it is adapted from an original work by Wallace: Elementary and Introductory Algebra [PDF].

Second, it has been modified after many years of observing student preferences in how they learn. My former KPU students all have fingerprints throughout this book.

Third, it is the work of the world, in that mathematics is universal and global, having history in all ages and cultures.

This being said, this textbook is intended to never be sold for profit. Rather, it is meant to be freely used and adapted by anyone who wishes to teach or learn intermediate algebra.

Please feel free to contact me at KPU for insights and additions that can add richness to this document, as this work is intended to be a living document that can grow and help to increase our understanding of this complex world that we live in.

Best regards

Terrance Berg, Ph.D.


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