2nd Edition Changes

During the spring of 2020, a team of collaborative post-secondary educators from across British Columbia and industry professionals came together to give the Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC textbook a fresh update. These revisions focused on updating data and statistics as well as provided some needed content updates.

At the same time as the plan for the second edition of the textbook started to come together in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization. The ultimate impacts of COVID-19 on the tourism and hospitality industries at the time of editing is unknown, although it is clear that COVID-19 is a defining moment for tourism and hospitality locally in British Columbia, across Canada, and around the world. So much is unknown as to what the imminent tourism and hospitality landscape might bring. As such, the chapter edits have been kept predominantly pre-COVID. Several chapters refer to the crisis, but no assumptions are made as to what might lie ahead.

All chapters now contain updated statistics, revised content, interactive H5P activities, and added references, all of which provide a more relevant and up-to-date reading experience. Crucial tourism organizations that have recently undergone name changes have been brought up to date, such as the Canadian Tourism Commission name change to Destination Canada and Aboriginal Tourism Canada and Aboriginal Tourism BC being revised to Indigenous Tourism Canada and Indigenous Tourism BC, respectively.

Several chapters — such as Chapter 9 on customer service, Chapter 10 on environmental stewardship, and Chapter 12 on Indigenous tourism — have been substantially rewritten, as these areas have changed considerably over the last several years. Internet links throughout have been reviewed and updated, along with several modernized end-of-chapter exercises and case studies throughout the text. Lastly, glossary terms have been hyperlinked.


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