Chapter 6. Events, Culture, Heritage, and Sport (Entertainment)

Original author: Donna Owens
Revisions made by: Wendy Anderson, Geoffrey Bird, and Garrett Stone

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the nature and function of activities and businesses that provide entertainment, engagement, and education for tourists in Canada
  • Identify tourism activities by their industry groups
  • Identify various types of festivals and events and ways in which these are funded and organized
  • Describe the MCIT (meetings, convention, and incentive travel) component and its economic impact
  • Review various types of attractions including zoos and botanical gardens
  • List components of cultural heritage tourism including museums, galleries, and heritage sites
  • List other experiences including sport tourism, agritourism, wine tourism, and culinary tourism
  • Identify key industry associations related to the tourism entertainment sector and understand their mandates and the resources they provide


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