Chapter 8. Services Marketing

8.7 Trends and Issues

The Twitter logo carved in sand.
Figure 8.14 Social media trends are just one of the influences that marketers need to monitor.

Tourism marketers in B.C. need to monitor trends in the following areas that may impact the success of their marketing efforts:

  • Demographic shifts (aging population, the rise of millennials), and socioeconomics (cultural changes, economic decline/growth)
  • Political, economic, and geographic changes (emerging or declining economies)
  • Trip purpose (growth of multipurpose trips and microtrips)
  • Psychographic changes (special interests, healthy lifestyles, sustainability)
  • Behavioural adaptations (free independent travel, decreasing brand loyalty)
  • Product-related trends (emerging niches)
  • Distribution channels (online travel agencies, virtual travel)

Remaining abreast of information in these areas is critical to the success of any services marketing plan, which should be continually monitored and adapted as the landscape changes.


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